Sexy booty will turn you on to bite it and have sex in the anal

For men and women, anal sex is an outstanding session that is different from having regular sex. It’s considered to be a naughty sex practice and far better than having vaginal sex. Adding spice to your life is what our escort service in Mumbai aims for. The taboo that anal sex has attracts both the Mumbai escorts anal girls as well as the customers. However, people love having anal sex more often as it different from regular sex and will give you the best orgasm. This form of sex is for men and women who have guts. It is indeed painful intercourse but as said pain is the real gain, you will get maximum pleasure like never before.

The Mumbai escorts anal girls have the guts to have anal sex, and if you too can match the level, get going.

Tricks and tips to have the best anal sex with our escorts in Mumbai

  • Do not push: It is hard to have anal sex, and if you are feeling more pain, do not push. If the Mumbai escorts anal girls say no, you have no chance to negotiate.
  • Inform us in advance: We need to know your demands. Once we are aware of your needs, we will set-up call girls in Mumbai according to your requirements.
  • Go slow: During anal sex, you must be patient enough to maintain a slow speed. If you rush, you can ruin everything and we do not want our clients to go off-beat. If the escorts in Mumbai are rushed to have anal sex, it will be hurting. To avoid this, you and the Mumbai escorts anal girls need to relax and go slow.
  • Moistness: the vagina becomes moist when the female is aroused but the same does not happen with the anal. With special demand, you will get a lubricant for the best experience mixed with enjoyment.
  • Forget the porn movies: Before starting anal sex with the Mumbai escorts, just forget about what you have seen in the porn movies. In real the anal sex is entirely different. It is slow, gentle, delicate, and special.
  • Things might look messy: With enjoyment comes a little messy feeling. Do not panic just cooperate with the anal call girl in Mumbai in such a situation. After anal sex, just wash up and everything will be fine.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to have the best experience in life. Anal sex has to be slow and steady to enjoy it to the core. If you rush it, things will be messy and it will be hurting for you as well as for the Mumbai call girls. Make sure you make a booking in advance for hassle-free escort service in Mumbai.

Our Rates

Duration Incall Outcall
2 Hours INR 15000 INR 15000
3 Hours INR 20000 INR 20000
Full Night INR 45000 INR 45000



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